‘Cosmic Ray Weather Station and other paintings’ at PEER, 2012

Paul Hobson, Director of Contemporary Art Society London, this week recommends Selma Makela’s ‘Cosmic Ray Weather Station and other paintings’ “I have been an admirer of the work of Selma Makela since her last show at PEER in 2008 so I was delighted to visit her second exhibition of beautiful, quiet paintings which has just […]

Sound Travels Farther in the Cold, 2008

Ingrid Swenson, PEER Hoxton, London The word atmosphere is often used to describe a mood or to indicate an emotive register for a particular time or place. It is also used more precisely by meteorologists as a way of expressing the specific characteristics of the cloak of gasses that surrounds the earth and determines our […]

“Solar Do-Nothing Machine” – ARTFORUM, 2012

Jan4 – Feb 18 PEER UK. Rejecting the tyranny of dreariness typical of London in midwinter, this show expectantly embraces transience in nature. Films by various artists and a group of paintings by Selma Makela touch on the ephemeral. Anna Barriball’s film Projection, 2003, harnesses the intangible: The artist stands at an open window as sun […]

Eavesdropper, 2010

Oonagh Young, Oonagh Young Gallery, Dublin. In a society stifled by a mood of over-whelming frustration and anger, Selma Makela’s exhibition ‘Eavesdropper’ offers an antidote to this disquiet and a space for contemplation. These new paintings were made during her recent residency in Banff and are exhibited in the Oonagh Young Gallery for the first […]